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“Beyond The Sounds” was created by American musician, composer and DJ Derek Palmer. With the mindset to explore music as a whole and entertain others, he sat out on a quest to search beyond the sounds and dig into various topics on music.

The idea of this blog came about when he was starting up a “mini-blog” on his own website titled “The Many Faces of Dance Music”. These articles set out to teach others in the music world and out, the differences between various genres of dance music. Over time, there has been many, many, many sub-genres and sub-sub-genres of dance music created. It’s easy to see them all as the same, but when you dive into it and see what makes each one tick, you find that they are more different than you realized.

After that run of articles, so much positive feedback was given on the subjects that Derek decided to tackle other things. Album and music reviews, artists interviews and spotlights, software features and the like.

Hopefully, you’ll find this trip interesting and will follow along on the journey through music and what exactly makes it tick.

For more from Derek Palmer, please visit his website and social links below.

Website: www.derekpalmermusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/derekpalmermusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/DerekPalmerDJ
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/derekpalmer
YouTube: www.youtube.com/palmtreep
Audiojungle: www.audiojungle.net/user/palmtreep
Spreadshirt: shop.spreadshirt.com/derekpalmermusic/